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Me and Jen

Me and Jen

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Anonymousasked, "what kind of questions?"

Im not sure. Someone said they wanted us to let people ask questions and us answer them in a video. No questions means we’ll have to make it up.

7.3011:05 AM

Well no one is leaving any questions, gonna be a fun fun video!

7.3011:03 AM
Anonymousasked, "wait there is a video?? link please:)"

No no no

7.308:14 AM
Anonymousasked, "CAN WE SEND YOU QUESTIONS AND YOU ANSWER THEM like a Q&A session with the g/Jenna's? If you gather questions tonight and tomorrow then film it PLEASEEEEEEEEE you two are my favourite couple please"

YES WE WILL. This weekend. So send some q’s, make them good ones and we will (:

7.302:01 AM
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Anonymousasked, "i would kill to see a video from you again."


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Anonymousasked, "Love you Gen but this is a question just for Jenna. What do you find sexy about Genna?"

Her eyes, they are blue, or as she calls them ‘grey’ but they are a flurry with every emotion, but in the dimness of a bed room light desire bursts through catching every skin cell on fire resulting in an exquisite way to burn.

That, my friend, is only something you are born with. And so deeply arousing only my Genna has the power.

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was this a real musical

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